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Steinberg Cubase SX 2.2 (H2O). 64 Bit




Pro Tools M-Powered. Everything. All it does is produce great sounding, juicy, present and punchy drums. Here's what Steinberg says about the SX2, my favourite edit tool of all time: Imagine a drum machine with over 200 individual drum sounds, each with multiple variations of velocity, articulation and dynamics. From these drum sounds, you can layer, group and blend them to create over 200 real drum kits! Because of the flexible configuration of the drum sounds, you can create unique drum mixtures that are powerful and rewarding for your music. For example, you can use any of the individual drum kits to produce a dense, professional sounding drum pattern, or you can use only the kick drum to create a tight, snappy groove. With the SX2, you have unlimited configurability to create your own Drum Kit. Sound Sparx Drum Aids: - 2 single song sampler drum kits available (2 GB each) - Over 2 GB of drum samples, inspired by classic drum machines, sound FXs, samplers and other drum tools, perfect for your next track. Samples are organized in different sections to make it easier to use: Drum Sets, Percussion Samples, FX Samples, High Energy Samples and Percussion Drums. More info here. - MIDI On/Off LFO - Create powerful LFOs that can be controlled by MIDI pitch, velocity, or LFO rate. - Several modules such as LFO, MS and Reverb. - A range of cool effects and FX such as chorus, modulation, distortion, pitch-shifting, EQ. - Step Sequencer - Split views - Auto Arpeggiator - MIDI Keyboard Controller - Record and Loop functions The best drum machine This is the drum machine for the drum master. Record your favourite drum beats or samples from any sound source in one of the massive drum kits, or choose from one of the over 200 individual drum sounds. Edit your drum sounds in a many different ways: adjust the speed, rate, pitch, articulation and filter to get the exact drum you want for your track. The sound of your drums The SX2's massive drum collection is comprised of: - 200 individual drum sounds - Each drum sounds is a unique factory preset, and the SX2 has over 100 variations. You can adjust the amount




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Steinberg Cubase SX 2.2 (H2O). 64 Bit

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